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Trailer Impressions: The Boondocks Season 4


After nearly four years, the hit Adult Swim animated series based on Aaron McGruder’s comic, The Boondocks, is finally making its return to television.  The anticipated fourth season was originally set to premiere on Cartoon Network’s [adult swim], it was pushed back to April 21 of this year. While the chronicles of Huey Freeman, his little brother Riley, and his grandfather Robert are known for its controversy (much like in the original comic strips) so as the show itself as reported by The Futon Critic that creator Aaron McGrudder, who’s also the show’s writer and executive producer, was not involved with the fourth season. More on that later, here’s the trailer for those who haven’t seen it…

From what I’ve watched the premise the the fourth and final season is that Huey and Riley’s granddad refinanced their house with a adjustable rate mortgage losing their home and money.  As a result, this lead to Granddad being forced to work for Uncle Ruckus and the three coming across gun-tooting loan sharks, cops, and Colonel H. Stinkmeaner.  You read that right! Stinkmeaner who repeatedly made life a living hell for the Freemans has inexplicably return from the dead (and I use the term inexplicably very boldly). As much as I love this show (and the comic strip), the trailer pretty much going with the “I’m broke, I need money” cliche, which doesn’t sell to well with me.  I just hope the entire season isn’t just center around that, but it might be the case just from the looks.  I was hoping to see fan favorites from the comic strap like Michael Caesar and Hiro Otomo, but it looks like they wont be making any appearances.

I’m very mixed about the Boondock’s return.  Though I looking forward to the fourth season, the direction the series is going story-wise had me turned off by a bit.  Whether the lackluster preview has to do with McGrudder not being involve in season 4 is up for debate but regardless, the future of the Freemans and the show itself is looking very grim.  Now before you reblog and rant, “THE WHITE FOLKS TOOK AWAY THE SHOW” and “BOYCOTT THIS SEASON,” here’s an official statement from Boondocks creator Arron McGruder himself via facebook

As the world now knows, The Boondocks will be returning for a fourth season, but I will not be returning with it. I’d like to extend my gratitude to Sony and Adult Swim for three great seasons.

I created The Boondocks two decades ago in college, did the daily comic for six years, and was showrunner on the animated series for the first three seasons. The Boondocks pretty much represents my life’s work to this point. Huey, Riley, and Granddad are not just property to me. They are my fictional blood relatives. Nothing is more painful than to leave them behind.

To quote a great white man, “Hollywood is a business”. And to quote another great white man, “Don’t hold grudges”.

What has never been lost on me is the enormous responsibility that came with The Boondocks - particularly the television show and it’s relatively young audience. It was important to offend, but equally important to offend for the right reasons. For three seasons I personally navigated this show through the minefields of controversy. It was not perfect. And it definitely was not quick. But it was always done with a keen sense of duty, history, culture, and love. Anything less would have been simply unacceptable.

As for me, I’m finally putting a life of controversy and troublemaking behind me with my upcoming Adult Swim show, BLACK JESUS.


While the news of McGruder’s departure and the season 4 trailer left a somewhat bitter taste in my mouth, I’m willing to give Boondocks’ return a shot.  Aside from the cons, it looks like it has the maintain the quality that made the show great in the first place.  Also, there’s some unanswer questions about season 4, one including “HOW THE FUCK IS STINKMEANER CAME BACK FROM THE DEAD?!” Well, I guess we all have to wait and see. 

"The Boondocks" returns for its fourth and final Season April 21, 2014 on [adult swim].




Movie Trailer Impressions: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)

So… after 5 years of selling rights, shady producing, script rewrites, cancellations, and of course the wrath of rage from die-hard fans, earlier today we finally got a (teaser) trailer that was streaming online and aired on Today on NBC…

Now this film has been through a lot of controversy from dropping the “teenage mutant” aspect for the alien origin (which was thankfully drop) to the images the models for the four heroes in the half-shell leaked last month.  The fact that Michael Bay being the producer of the upcoming reboot of the film franchise didn’t suit too well with long-time fans (me included).  After seeing the leaked images of the Turtles and their feared enemy The Shredder, my faith for the movie as restored only by a little.

Now let’s talk about the trailer!

Anyone who grew up with the Turtles knows the origin story but the film’s plot took in interesting plot according to the trailer.  The film starts out with New York city being under attack while Eric Sachs (William Fichtner, The Dark Knight, Elysium) explans to April O’Neil (Megan Fox, Transformers, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Jonah Hex) about people in need of heroes and that “heroes are not born, they are made”.  Then we see, armed men at a loading dock and at a subway station before being tossed around like nobody’s business.

After small shots of a laboratory (presumably where the T.G.R.I. Mutagen is made), a city where people running in fear and more April, a small shot of Leonardo standing on a water while it cuts to Sachs telling April “that’s what your father and I were trying to do.” So the trailer basically gave away the plot twist that April O’ Neil’s father and Sachs created the Mutagen that created the Turtles.  Moving on…

After that we see a brief glimpse of a geared-up Donatello in action, Sachs standing in front of the Shredder armor and an airborne Leonardo landing on a building ledge in from of a yellow-coat clad April O’Neil.  We see the Turtles in action shell riding on a mountain slope with Donatello slings Raphael with his Bo Staff into a Hummer shell first until the trailer cuts to the title.  The teaser concludes with April in shock in the presences of Leonard before seeing Michelangelo from behind, who try to insure her not to “freak out” before fainting.

My thoughts… 

I like to stress that even though I’m a huge Sonic the Hedgehog fan, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was practically my childhood and anyone who grew up in the 80’s and 90’s would agree. After hearing the about the “alien” concept from early production, I give up. But after seeing the leak images, my options about the TMNT reboot change a little.

Overall, despite being produced by Michael Bay [cringes] the trailer is not a bad as I thought it would be.  In fact, it’s better than I’ve expected! Though only the trailer didn’t really show much, the Turtles looked awesome and the CG designs are heavily detailed.  While it’s more of a teaser, the first official trailer was an eyeful to watch.

As far as the upcoming film as a whole, my minor nitpicks were April O’Neil being played by Megan Fox a.k.a. Sammiches (you can thank Jeremy Jahns for that) and in an interview with Screen Rant, William Fichtner revealed that not only his character will be the Shredder but not as Oroku Saki.  While the Turtles look awesome, they are freaking GIANTS! Not necessarily a bad thing but good lord! I grew up watching the 80’s cartoon where April is taller than all the Turtles.  Nitpicking aside, his regardless of my dislike for Michael Bay, I’m giving the Ninja Turtles movie reboot a shot.  

Aside from Fichtner and Fox, the primary cast consist of Pete Ploszek (Parks and Recreation, Shameless) as Leonardo, Alan Ritchson (Blue Mountain State, Justice League: The New Frontier, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire) as Raphael, Noel Fisher (Final Destination 2, Battle Los Angeles) as Michelangelo, Jeremy Howard (The Cure, Men in Black II, The Pretty One) as Donatello, and Donny Woodburn (Watchmen, Mirror Mirror, Life Blood) as Splinter, who was inexplicably absent from the trailer. The film is to be release by Paramount Pictures in association with Nickelodeon Movies and its set to be in theaters August 8, 2014.

Upcoming Trailer Impressions

While I was working on the finishing touches on new episodes of TRIBALCHILD UNSCRIPTED, I caught a glimpse of the world premiere trailer for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) Movie coming later this year.  There’s so much I want to talk about on this trailer.  Stop by here later tonight to see my full impressions on the TMNT 2014 trailer.

My custom green screen/chroma key backdrop (costing only a fraction of a professionally made one).  You’ll be seeing something interesting in the months to come…


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